Georgia Dealer License Expiration Date

Georgia Dealers License


New Dealer License Expiration Date

The Board of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers in Macon has approved a new rule that changes Georgia Dealer License expiration dates.

All Georgia Dealer Licenses now expire on September 30 of even years instead of March 31 of even years.

Georgia Law requires all dealers to complete 6 hours of continuing education every 2 years when renewing a dealer license. The law in Georgia also requires dealers to take a continuing education course no more than 9 months prior to the dealer license expiration date.

So now you cannot take your dealer continuing education course until January of even years. You must complete your continuing educatin before your dealer license expires and must take the course between January and September 30 of even years.

This new changes will also effect the expiration date of your Georgia Dealer Surety bond. The dealer surety bond must now expire on September 30 of an even year on the same date as your dealer license expiration.

Dealers in the State of Georgia may never allow their dealer surety bond to expire. Dealers in Georgia must be bonded during the entire time you hold a valid Georgia dealer license.

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