Your Georgia Dealer License Class Tuition Includes ALL of the Following Benefits with NO Additional Charges or Membership Fees:

  • 4 Hour State Mandated Training Class-No test required, just set through entire class, 6 hour online renewal course for currently licensed dealers

  • Technical Support-We are a phone call away to answer questions with NO additional charges or membership fees

  • Copyrighted 150 Page Dealer Training Manual-Includes operating guidelines to refer to after class and is only available in class. Also includes list of all the paperwork you complete every time you buy or sell a vehicle. Very helpful

  • Official Certificate of Completion-Required for licensure or renewing a dealer license

  • Official State Dealer Application-We will complete the application in class and also show you how to apply via mail and reapply online

  • Dealer Surety Bond and Insurance Quotes-We show you how to obtain the cheapest dealer surety bonds and insurance in class

  • Employer Identification Number Application-Some companies charge as much as $500 for an EIN Application. We show you how to apply for your EIN for free

  • Temorary Operating Permits Training-Georgia Dealers must apply a TOP to most vehicles sold. We show you how

  • Electonic Title Registration Training-Georgia Dealers will use Electronic Title Registration Software on every transaction. Electronic Title Registration Software Training is included with your one time tuition payment

The Following EXCLUSIVE benefits are ONLY available to our students and your employees after class at NO additional charge!

  • Dealer Auction Training-Online, a must for you AND your salespersons. Learn how to enter and buy vehicles at dealer auctions. You will also learn when NOT to buy vehicles at dealer auctions. Very important

  • How to Identify Vehicles with Damage History-Online, a must for you AND your salespersons

  • Vehicle Pricing and Negotiation Techniques-Online after class. Learn proven strategies to get top dollar for your vehicles

  • Profitable Aftermarket Product Training-Take additional online training after your in person class to add additional profits to every sale

  • How to Obtain Guaranteed Small Business Association Loans-Need start up funding? View exclusive videos after class that show you how to obtain the many loans available to Georgia entrepreneurs from the SBA

  • How to Donate Vehicles for Tax Writeoffs-The unsold vehicles on your lot can lead to huge tax writeoffs. The online training you access after class can lower your tax liabilities

  • Consignments and Trade Ins-Your after class training shows you how to sell consignments and covers trade ins in great detail

  • Dealer Floor Plans-A Dealer Floor Plan is a loan for the vehicles on your lot, or "floor". You will learn how to obtain loans to buy the vehicles you resell

  • How to Obtain Titles for Lost Vehicles-You can purchase vehicles from someone that lost the title at a great discount, then obtain a title and mark the vehicle up to full retail. Online training after class shows you how

  • How to Identify Odometer Fraud-Don't ever get burned buying a vehicle to resell that has had the odometer altered. You will learn how to identify vehicles that have had the odometer lowered

  • Hiring Tips for Dealers-If you hire employees you must comply with additional guidelines. Learn more after your class

  • Buy Here Pay Here and Cash Reporting-Your one time tuition payment also includes finance training after class and you will also learn how to report large amounts of cash your customers pay you

  • Georgia Title Training-We cover this in class but also give you additional title training online, after class. A great refresher for you and an excellent learning tool for your future salespersons & employees

  • Georgia Dealer Advertising-We cover in class but also give you additional advertising training online, after class. Great for you, your employees, and partners

  • Georgia Dealer Records-You will maintain an extensive set of records with your dealers license. We cover in class and after class, online

  • Georgia Dealer License Plates-The Department of Revenue has guidelines you will learn in class. Also included online after class. A great benefit for your salespersons to view

  • Dealer Sexual Harassment Training-Online after class, helps prevent harassment in your dealership

  • Cybersecurity Training-Online after class, secure your network to avoid Federal fines

  • FTC Privacy Rule Training (Online after class)

  • FTC Safeguards Rule Training (Online after class)

  • FTC Credit Practices Rule Training (Online after class)

  • Office of Foreign Asset Control Training (Online after class)

We will NEVER try to sell you a membership, software, bonds, insurance, or additional training in your class. All the benefits above are included in your one time tuition payment. No additional fees, EVER!

Tuition is $249 for one person and $199 for each additional person on the same license including ALL benefits listed above.
Online dealer continuing education tuition is $99 for licensed dealers.

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Questions? Call me, Delus Johnson, at 800-369-2467.

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