Buying a Vehicle or Taking a Trade-In

Verify Title is in Customer's Name (no blank or open titles)
Dealer Internet Inquiry (Georgia Titles)
National Motor Vehicle Information System (Georgia and Out of State Titles)
Bill of Sale Sample Print from Dealer Software or ETR
Odometer Disclosure Statement Form GA-25
Odometer Discrepancy Affidavit Form T-107 (if odometer is incorrect)
Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption Form ST-5
Dealer and Seller Complete and Sign Title

Selling a Vehicle

Minimum Required Documents:

Run OFAC Check (print copy of results for records)
Bill of Sale Print from Dealer Software or ETR
Title Completed/Signed by Dealer and Buyer, Copy Front and Back
Copy of Purchaser’s Driver’s License, or Government Issued Identification

Title Application Form MV-1
Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) Fees Form MV-7D (Georgia Residents)
Odometer Disclosure Statement Form GA-25
Have customer sign FTC Buyers Guide, then provide copy of front and back
Emissions Inspection Certificate (only if dealership is located in one of the 13 Clean Air Force counties)

Additional Documents When Applicable:

ST-8 Certifcate of Exemption for Non Resident Purchaser (when selling vehicle to person living outside the State of Georgia)
ST-4 Certifcate of Exemption for Sale to Out of State Dealer  (when selling vehicle to an out of state dealer that is not licensed by the State of Georgia)
Odometer Discrepancy Affidavit Form T-107 (if odometer is incorrect)
Inspection Form T-22B (only if vehicle is from another state and has no title)
IRS Form 8300 (if customer pays with more than $10,000 cash, combination of verified payments totaling more than $10,000, or suspicious activity)

Next Required Steps:

1. Complete Electronic Title Registration with Approved Electronic Title Registration Software (Computes exact TAVT)
2. Select Print Option in Electronic Title Registration Software to print all deal documents
3. Print Temporary Operating Permit (TOP), Apply TOP Sticker to Temporary Operating Permit, then mount Temporary Operating Permit on vehicle sold
4. Make Two Copies of Every Document, One Copy is Provided to Customer, One Copy is Stored in the Dealer Records

This page is to be used as a reference only. Be sure to complete any additional documents that may be required by your city, county, or attorney.