Georgia Dealer Training Class Reviews

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LOL! I wish I had a thousand words to describe how easy I have come to understand becoming a dealer through this class. It is the best investment I have ever made and you will too! I love every bit of it!
Eric Amoh Adjei
Atlanta, Georgia

I have attended a competitor's class a few years ago and this class was by far more in depth.
I would recommend this class!
Mary Ann Worsham
Bloomingdale, Georgia

Best $250 investment of my life! Life Changing. Very informational and very accurate and spot on for state regulations.
Shenequa Robinson
Covington, Georgia

The best information in the shores amount of time. It was precise, quick, detailed, and seamless. Can't beat it for the price with a great instructor and manual
Mackey Robinson
Jonesboro, Georgia

My husband and I attended the auto dealer course and Mr. Delus Johnson provided a wealth of information that is extremely beneficial when obtaining a dealer license. The presentation is organized, upbeat, and provides great resources. I would highly recommend taking this course strictly with Mr. Delus Johnson!!!. Mr. Johnson is extremely clear and concise and answers all questions. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Tamika Washinton
Mableton, Georgia

This dealer class was very informative. The instructor left no crumbs on the table. There is no doubt about what steps to take to become a licensed Georgia dealer in full compliance.
Tammy Powell
Marietta, Georgia

The Instructor was very informative and kept the class interesting. Not a dull or boring moment at all.
His intentions are to make you succeed in this business and to get started immediately and start making money.
Ericka Jenkins
Guyton, Georgia

The class is amazing! I'm not a coffee drinker but I drank 2 cups before the class to stay awake.
I assumed the class would be boring. Boy was I wrong.
One of the best classes I've ever attended. The class kept my attention totally.
Very informative!
Trina Terrell
Ellenwood, Georgia

Life Changing Information! Worth the 4 hours time in the classroom.
Raheem Ramsay
Stockbridge, Georgia

I have been to multiple business classes and honestly, this has been the best class I have EVER taken. I learned so much!
Cayla Gibbs
Atlanta, Georgia

Delus' presentation was very informational and educational.
I would definitely recommend this dealer course to anyone going into the used car sales industry.
Winola Day
Myers Auto Sales
Valdosta, Georgia

This course was definitely worth it! And I will definitely recommend this class to anyone. You are a wonderful instructor.
Tanya Rolland
Augusta, Georgia

Very informational, strait to the point. I would 100 Percent Recommend!
Steven Sullens
Sullen's Auto Sales
Cumming, Georgia

Very informative class with lots of resources to help you start your new venture.
Larissa Pean
Food Trucks Unlimited
Peachtree Corners, Georgia

This class was very informative and prepares you for success!
Eli Jamerson
Atlanta, Georgia

Very pleasant instructor. It was really early in the morning and not one single time did I feel desperate or annoyed.
I felt the good vibe and positive energy.
Rodrigo Landa
Buford, Georgia

Very informational!
Royunna Cooper
Savannah, Georgia

Energtic Instructor, very thorough and informative. Posture and Confidence and Product Knowledge was onpoint from moment one throughout the conclusion of the New Dealer Presentation.
I would highly recommend you attend this dealer training class.
Mario Pryor
Woodstock, Georgia

Excellent, Excellent course! My instructor was very punctual and professional, well spoken, and informative.
The course answered all of my questions, was entertaining, and had me fired up to join the industry.
Thank you Mr. Johnson!
Imen Archibong
Atlanta, Georgia

Easiest class I've ever taken, very well explained.
I would recommend to atten this dealer class to anyone interested.
Pablo Landra
Buford, Georgia

Very helpful and good at explaining and telling about the business.
Robert Lewis
Port Wentworth, Georgia

Great Class, very understanding and knowledgable. Helped me understand the ins and outs of being a used car broker or used dealer dealer.
Amanda Ayera
Albany, Georgia

My first time attending a dealer training class, this class was very informative. Mr. Johnson was great.
Ebony Rivers
Savannah, Georgia

I've been in the dealer business for 15 years and this class was very informative in transferring from Virginia to Georgia
Ferlandus Woods
Auto Empire
Richmond Hill, Georgia

The dealer license training was very informative and professional, I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Sydney Smith
Lithonia, Georgia

Great Class, Efficient and to the Point.
Thomas Jones
Gainesville, Georgia

This course was great!
Marilyn Oreggio
Atlanta, Georgia

Very Pleased!
Hershell Holiday
Atlanta, Georgia

Great course with all the info needed to start your new business.
Josh Stimus
Elko, Georgia

Great class. Very Informative. No Complaints!
Chris Bruce
Columbus, Georgia

Excellent Class, Very Informative
Todd Robson
Gainesville, Georgia

Throy Claxton
TSC Merchandise
Temple, Georgia

This license course was very informative and the Instructor stayed on task. He's very knowledgable. I'm walking away very confident.
Kaja Mobley
Tifton, Georgia

I enjoyed this dealer license class and found the information provided very helpful. Keep up the good work!
Ahmord Rivers
Savannah, Georgia

I've enjoyed this dealer training class! Very informative. I can't wait to appy my knowledge!
Bobby Miller
Tifton, Georgia

Course was very educational in a timely manor.
Yehoon Yoo
Newman, Georgia

Great Presentation-Very Well Delivered
Don Schmidt
Dream Exotics
Atlanta, Georgia

Teacher was very knowledgeable and precise on his teachings.
Damion DeGiorneo
AA Auto Sales
Kennesaw, Georgia

Great Course! Alot of very good and important information
Mike Clark
Atlanta, Georgia

Informational, valuable information for dealers.
Rag's Auto Imports
Atlanta, Georgia

Very Informative Dealer Seminar! Quick Paced Enviroment. Answered All Questions
Jerome Durr
Adel, Georgia

The dealer license course was very helpful. The teacher helps us in a any way he could. I was glad that I was attending it. Thank you!
Kion Fields
Unique Auto Sales
Albany, Georgia

Mr. Johnson was awesome. He got straight to the point and made it very easy to understand. You are appreciated.
Tori Davis
Garden City, Georgia

Very informative
Dawn Newsome
Savannah Car Rentals
Savannah, Georgia

This seminar was very informative
Domonique Coburn
Garden City, Georgia

Was very great!
Rashawn Moore
Savannah, Georgia

Excellent course for individuals that are quick learners/quick study person. Instructor was very effective and knowledgable.
Ron Blue
Stoncrest, Georgia

You did a wonderful job. Gave out important information.
Serrita McKinney
West Point, Georgia

Delus was very informative with information. Great professor.
Terry Moorer
Stone Mountain, Georgia

Covers a lot of material in an understandable manner. Very inforative.
John Greene
Jacky Jones Sales and Service
Atlanta, Georgia

Great class. Teacher was very knowledgable.
Eric Gatheright
Commerce, Georgia

Very helpful. I learned alot. This class was very important.
Gustavo Ortega
Baxley, Georgia

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