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Georgia Dealer Licensing
Classes held throughout Georgia
Learn how to obtain a
Georgia Dealer License
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New Online App

Georgia Dealer License
Applications are now submitted at the Georgia Online Application
Licensing System
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Dealer Titling

As a Georgia dealer you
complete titles differently
than a person without a
dealers license. This video
shows how to reassign titles.

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Dealer Software

Learn about
Georgia Dealer
software that can
simplify the operation
of your dealership.

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Dealer Financing

Georgia Dealers may
assist with financing or
even operate a Buy Here 
Pay Here Dealership.
It is Easy to Comply!

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New Fingerprints

A new fingerpint provider
is now conducting
fingerprints for Georgia
dealers licenses.
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Test Drive Tags

Test Drive tags being
used by Georgia dealers
for test drives are illegal
and can never be used
Learn more in this video.

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New Expiration Date

Every dealer license in
the State of Georgia now
expires on September 30
of even years. Watch
this video for more details.

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GA Dealer License

This in depth video covers
the entire process of
obtaining a Georgia dealer
dealer license and should
answer all dealer questions.

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Bill of Sale Title App

Georgia dealers must 
complete a Bill of Sale
and Title Application Form
MV-6 when selling a vehicle.
Learn more in this video.

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ETR and TOPs

Georgia dealers must
conduct an Electronic
Title Registration and
print a Temporary Operating
Permit on every deal.

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New GA Dealer Laws

This video shows
new Georgia dealer laws
and shows how to contact 
your State Senator or State
Represnetative. Play Video!

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Ads Emissions VIR

Georgia Dealers must
follow advertising and emissions 
laws that regulate dealers.
Dealers must also know how
to run Vehicle Inspection Reports.

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Title Ad Valorem Tax

Georgia Dealers must
understand how to compute,
collect, and submit TAVT,
or, Title Ad Valorem Tax on
vehicles sold. It is Very Easy!

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Secretary of State

Most Dealers in Georgia
must register with the GA
Secretary of State in order to
operate as a dealer in Georgia
Watch now to learn more!

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Paper Dealer App

This older video shows
the paper application for
a Georgia dealers license.
The Board now recommends
applying online at GOALS.

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License Suspensions

Georgia dealer licenses
can be suspended if you
do not follow all the Georgia
dealer laws and guidelines.
Follow all laws for higher profits.

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Georgia Renewal App

Georgia Dealers can
view this video to learn
how to renew a Georgia
dealer license online
through GOALS!

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Sexual Harassment

Learn how to set up
sexual harassment training
for your employees. Georgia
dealers must prevent
harassment in the dealership.

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Dealer Hiring Tips

Georgia dealers will
learn how to follow
EEOC Guidelines when
hiring employees to
work in the dealership.

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I-9 Form EVerify

Each person hired by a
Georgia dealer must be able
to legally work in the United
States. This video explains the
I-9 Form and EVerify.

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SBA Business Loans

The U. S. Small Business
Administration has several
lending programs for persons
starting a Georgia dealership
or expanding dealer operations.

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We are here to help you start your Georgia motor vehicle dealership!

Georgia Dealer License

Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
Automobile Dealer Training Association