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Illegal Georgia Dealers Test Drive Tags

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Test drive tags being used by Georgia used motor vehicle dealers are illegal. I have witnessed several dealers throughout the State of Georgia that are using a tag called a Test Drive tag that they have created and are allowing customers to test drive a demo with a Test Drive Tag.

Georgia Dealers That Use Test Drive Tags are Breaking a Georgia Dealer Law.

The Georgia Department of Revenue recently issued a statement that states: Signs or plates created by dealers or consumers do not comply with these legal requirements. For example, a sign stating “Test Drive” does not qualify as a valid plate under any circumstances.

Here is the statement issued by the Georgia Department of Revenue

Dealers in the State of Georgia are never allowed to place a Test Drive tag they have created on any vehicle being driven by a customer. An unexpired Georgia Dealer License Plate must be displayed on any vehicle that is being test driven by a customer.

Dealers in Georgia that are allowing customers to test drive vehicles with a Test Drive tag they have created are in violation of Georgia Dealer Law.

You may only used a metal used dealer license plate on a vehicle that is being test driven by your customers. Be sure you are using your dealer plates and TOP's correctly otherwise you are in violation of the law and could face dealer penalties or dealer license suspension.

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