Georgia Dealer Auctions

Do you want to attend Georgia dealer auctions? Then you need to obtain a Georgia dealers license. You cannot get into dealer auctions without a dealer license. Your Georgia dealer license will not only allow you to access every dealer only auction in Georgia, but you will be able to access every dealer auction in the United States with your Georgia dealers license.

Not sure where to get started to get your dealers license so you can get into the dealer auctions. Well you are in the right place. The State of Georgia requires all persons that are obtaining a Georgia dealers license to attend a 4 hour pre-license class. There is no test in the pre-license class, but you must attend, or "sit through" the entire four hour class. The State of Georgia has required this pre-license training class for dealers for over 15 years now. Since having a Georgia dealer license can be very profitable, the State requires you to take a training class. Industries such as the car dealer industry you are gettting ready to enter can be quite profitable, so they are tightly regulated and include mandated training.

Once you obtain your Georgia dealers license you will be legally able to apply for what is known as your Auction Access card. Your Auction Access card is your key into every dealer auction in the United States. You can even take your Auction Access card and enter the dealer auctions in Canada. There are even a few dealer auctions in Mexico. If you want to enter a dealer auction in Mexico you can, with your Georgia dealers license. Once you have your Auction Access card, which is only issued to licensed motor vehicle dealers, you can walk into any auction and start buying vehicles wholesale.

You will simply enter the auction and insert your Auction Access card into a machine near the front entrance of the dealer auction  that looks like an ATM. Once you insert your Auction Access card into the machine it will print a bidding pass for that day's auction. The dealer auctions normally change the color of the bidding pass every sale date. You then take your bidding pass for that day, present it to the security personell staged at the entrance to the dealer auction lanes, then you can enter the dealer auction lane and start bidding on vehicles.

You must have an active dealers license to obtain an Auction Access card. If you do not have a dealers license, you cannot get an Auction Access card and you cannot legally enter a dealer auction. Dealer auctions are for dealers only!

To obtain your own dealer license so you can attend dealer auctions, please view your Georgia Dealer Pre-License Training Class Schedule here!

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