Georgia Dealer License Training Class Reviews

The class was very informative. It covered all the necessary information and or resources to ensure 100% compliance of all laws and procedures.Mr. Johnson was very energetic and through.
Palmetto, Georgia

The information was very helpful. The trainer answered my questions or gave the website to go to. I you look to start a dealership in Georgia, get the training ASAP!!
Johnnie Newsome
Columbus, Georgia

I learned alot in a short period of time. I am very thankful the State made me attend. My instructor was very good at this class.
Michael Davenport
Vining, Georgia

Was very informative and up to date considering the ever changing rules of the game. Instructor was great and patient
Ohagbola Ohabanjo
Mableton, Georgia

Training was clear and quick. The dealer license class was easy to follow and gave contacts to followup on questions
Christopher Ledbetter
Cumming, Georgia

The dealer course was very informational. The instructor was very knowledgable and precise with the information.
Ladeidre Chestand
Woodstock, Georgia

Very informative and staight to the point on the most important topics when it comes to operating a dealership in Georgia
Michael Braswell
Stockbridge, Georgia

Class was informative and very easy to understand.
Mariela Perzo
Loganville, Georgia

Good class, learned alot of dealer business.
Carlos Rodriguez
Tiger Auto Gallery
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Great teacher, answers questions like a pro.
India Kerr
Atlanta, Georgia

Excellent information and great instrutor.
Carren Woolery
Lawrenceville, Georgia

This dealer course was quick and direct, very informative.
Antonio Walker
Macon, Georgia

Great Class!!
Debra Hackett
Midland, Georgia

I loved the class, the material is very useful and the teacher was great.
Daniel Leal
Loganville, Georgia

Eric Amoh Adjei
Atlanta, Georgia

Tristan Davenport
Atlanta, Georgia

Very informative teachings, thank you very much.
Tristan Davenport
Palmetto, Georgia

Great dealer training class!
Randy Love
Midland, Georgia

Very thorough class.
Patricia Marshall
Sylvester, Georgia

I like the class, very educational and understandable
Sylvester, Georgia


I like the class, very educational and understandable.
Rodolfo Carrillo
Albany, Georgia

I enjoyed the dealer class and I learned a lot. I appreciate the opportunity.
Jalen Simmons
Cairo, Georgia

Instructor was very good and knowledgeable.
Mike Francis
Tallahassee, Florida

I enjoyed the dealer license training class and I truly appreciated the opportunity.
Reginald Fortner
Atlanta, Georgia

The dealer class was very interesting. I enjoyed it and learned so much information for my new business. The instructor was awesome. Leebee Woods Great Class Very informative!
Jeremey Hill
Springfield, Georgia

The course really helped my understand and prepare for my journey to my business.
David Houck
Richmond Hill, Georgia

The dealer training class was very informative. I had all the information to start my new/used dealership business.
Tlicia Butler
Alanta, Georgia

Everything was very detailed and easy to follow. I enjoyed the knowledge.
Gerald Jones
White Oak, Georgia

Loved the training I received. Very good info.
Mark Whitaker
Mayfield, Kentucky

Your training was very informative and well presented. I appreciate the pace and clarity of the presentation. Very clear and understandable learning in a very short amount of time. Amazed at what was learned in 4 hours.
Micah Nelson
Savannah, Georgia

Melvin Cooper
Brunswick, Georgia

Good time in dealer class.
Penny Hunter
Brunswick, Georgia

Instructor provided clear and understandable step by step instructions on how to become a Georgia dealer. Easy to follow. The class was very informative and helpful. It was a great use of my time. The teacher was very to the point but answered any questions.
Haley Hill
Springfield, Georgia

Amazing class, very clear and concise. The time flew by and I feel very prepared to start my new business.
Isaac Castro
Hinesville, Georgia

Very helpful, easy to understand, straight to the point.
Otis Clark
Werns, Georgia

Very clear, detailed instructions. Sedric Johnson Great job!
Juan Curiel
Dalton, Georgia

The class was very informative and the information delivered was very clear and concise. Money and time well spent.
Michael Hunter
Ellenwood, Georgia

As comprehensive as possible given how much information needed to be delivered in 4 hours. Delus presented everything clearly and concisely and leaned heavily on how important compliance is.
Kyle M.

Thoroughly informative, participant oriented. John Abercrombie This dealer license class was beyond my expectations. Very informative. I 100% recommend it.
Dicxi Granado
Senoia, Georgia

The instructor was great! He explained everything in detail and stopped to answer everybody's questions. Highly recommend.
Evelin Curiel
Dalton, Georgia

Great instructor with the detailed instruction on the what, how’s, and why’s of attaining dealership operations.
Steven Branch
Atlanta, Georgia

This course is concise, informative, and well presented. We’ll be better dealers do to this course. Derek Bailey Derek Automotive I will do this class on 100 time. Love it.
Robert Kirkland
Decatur, Georgia

This is a great dealer training class. Delus gives all the info you need to become a Georgia dealer.
Javier Granado Valle
Senoia, GA

Very good learning experience. Instructor went over everything I needed to know. Recommend very much for a class to go to.
Quentin Smith
Social Circle, Georgia

Great step by step dealer license training course. Covered everything I was looking to learn. Very helpful instructor, answered every question from students.
Ronny Ramirez
Cartersville, Georgia

Great presentation with la lot of useful information to be a successful dealer.
Lary Warren
Fairburn, Georgia

Very friendly instructor with great knowledge. He took the time to answer questions asked and made sure to point out all the dealer licensing steps.
Jonathan Jiminez
Talking Rock, GA

Samuel Kirkland
Decatur, GA

Class is very informative. The instructor was knowledgeable.
Freeman Smith
Lithonia, Georgia

Class was very informative. Class lead me in right direction.
Cyne Blass

Extremely informative and fast paced. An excellent presentation.
Darryl Robinson
Stone Mountain, Georgia

Straight forward, knowledgeable. Corey This was a great dealer and very understanding.
Majiid Williams
Atlanta, GA

This course was very informative. Instructor took time to explain and answer any questions the attendees had.
Shaniana Wilson Welcome
Lithonia, Georgia

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