Georgia Dealers License Class

You must attend a 4-hour Dealer Pre-License Class to apply for an receive a Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License

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  • The Georgia Board of Used Motor Vehicles has oversight over Georgia used motor vehicle dealers and they require you to complete a mandatory dealer pre-license class before you are qualified to apply for and receive a Georgia used motor vehicle dealer license.

  • The Georgia dealer pre-license classes that are conducted by the Automobile Dealer Training Association are held in hotel meeting rooms in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, and Valdosta, Georgia.

  • In your dealer training class we will cover the entire dealer startup process. We will go over all of the steps that you must complete in order to obtain your Georgia dealers license. Some of the steps that you must complete before you apply for your license take only a few moments online. Some of the steps are more extensive. We will cover all the steps in your Georgia dealer license training class so you will be confident, not only to apply for your dealers license, but to run your new business as well.

  • The Georgia dealer training class is conducted in the same chronological order as the licensing process. At the beginning of the class you will receive contact information for the Georgia Board of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers. You will then go down a list of all the easy requirements you must meet before you are allowed to apply for your dealer license in the State of Georgia.

  • After we cover the startup process in your dealer training class, we will then complete all the paperwork that is required to submit to the State of Georgia. Your paperwork will be mailed to the Georgia Board of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers in Macon. We will spend a great deal of time completing the dealer license application paperwork in your class to ensure it it correct and submitted correctly as well. This will ensure quicker license approval from the Board.

  • After we review the dealer license startup process and complete your dealer license applicaition paperwork, we will begin the important process of completing a title as a dealer. As a licensed Georgia motor vehicle dealer you will complete titles differently than when you did not have a dealer's license. The State of Georgia allows a used motor vehicle dealer to reassign a vehicle's ownership on the back of a title with a pen. So you will be able to basically flip a vehicle for a profit once you have received your Georgia dealers. We will cover how to complete titles as a motor vehicle dealer in the State of Georgia in your dealer training class.

  • You will learn how to research a vehicle identification number for a vehicle that you are purchasing to resell in your dealer training class.This will ensure that you never purchase a vehicle that was stolen or had the VIN altered.

  • You will also receive a step by step paperwork checklists at the end of your Georgia dealer training class. One checklist shows you the paperwork that you will complete and place in the envelope you are mailing to the Board. This ensures you have not forgotten any of the paperwork that is required to receive your Georgia dealers license. You will also get a checklist that instructs you on the correct chronological order of doing things after class. This will ensure the quickest way to your dealer license approval. And, you will get a list of all the paperwork you complete when you are purchasing a vehicle to resell and a list of all the paperwork when you are selling a motor vehicle as well.

  • The Georgia Dealer Pre-License Training Class is held in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, and Valdosta. The Georgia dealer classes are conducted all over the State so you can find a training location near your home.

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  • Good Luck With Your New Business

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