Georgia Dealer Application

If  you would like to download a Georgia Dealer Application just click the following link:

Georgia Dealer License Application

Georgia Dealers are now required to register through e-Services website. In your dealer pre-license and continuing education training, you will be guided step by step on exactly how to register your dealership through e-Services. This new law requires all dealers to be registered online in order to pay for and renew your Georgia dealer license.

If you have questions about how to apply for your Georgia dealers license, we have answers. We will actually complete a Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License Application in your dealer pre-license class. You must complete the dealer application correctly and in it's entirety. If you make mistakes on your dealer license application, you could see a substantial dealer in the approval of your dealers license.

You are going to submit your dealer license application to the Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Board that meets in Macon 6-8 weeks. The Board evaluates each license application during the Board meeting and if a dealer license application is incomplete, your license approval could be delayed.

In your Georgia Dealer Pre-License class we will complete an application with you to ensure the dealer application is being completed correctly. You must also make sure all statements on the dealer license application are true. If you make false statements on a dealer license application you could face severe penalties. Part of the dealer license application contains corporation information if you are starting a dealership as a Georgia corporation. Or, maybe you are a partnership, or individual. Different business entities will file the dealer license paperwork a little differently. We show you how to complete your Georgia dealer license application correclty regardless if you are starting your dealership as an individual, corportation, partnership, LLC or a not for profit.

When applying for your dealers license you will need to register for a dealer account at the State of Georgia Dealer e-Services website. We are going to walk you through this simple process in your dealer pre-license class. We have dealer pre-license classes in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, and Valdosta. You can find a location near you so you can attend your dealer pre-license class and then start your new business as soon as possible. Click on the Dealer Class Schedule page to find a dealer class near you.