Georgia Electronic Title Registration

All New and Used Motor Vehicle Dealers Must Submit Title Applications Electronically (Online) Through the Georgia Electronic Title and Registration (ETR) System, I
 want to repeat that All New and Used Motor Vehicle Dealers Must Submit Title Applications Electronically (Online) Through the Georgia Electronic Title and Registration (ETR) System Which we call ETR, County Tag Offices & MVD Main Office No Longer Accept Paper Applications for Certificate of Title From Dealers Applications for Certificate of Title From Motor Vehicle Dealers Will Only Be Accepted and Processed Electronically (Online) Through ETR Dealers Must Use Approved ETR Vendor
There are a few ETR exemptions here you see such as: Disabled Veterans Non-Resident Service Members IRP Trucks and Charter Busses Vehicles Sold to Government Entities Loaner Vehicles Vehicles Titled In Dealer’s Name Transactions Exempt from TAVT And by the way exemptions are Processed at Purchaser’s County Tag Office Here you see a list of approved Electronic Title Registration Vendors, or ETR providers, you will need to use one of these services to process you electronic titles applications I want to show you the home page of each of these ETR vendors website,
here you see CVR Dealer trak
Next you see a company called DDI Technology
Now you see a company called DLR DMV
And finally you see AUTO POINT
So once you receive your dealers license you must choose one of the companies to process your Electronic Title Registrations, or if you are a currently licensed dealer then you are already using ETR, these software programs are VERY, VERY EASY to use
nd I want to share some screen shots of one of the vendors just to show you how easy it is, and just about every ETR program you use will be very similar to this on, so to get started you will click on NEW ETR DEAL You will first enter your dealership name and the deal number, if you are using a separate dealer management software program, which is referred to as a DMS, for Dealer Management Software, you can import the information, but for this training scenario, lets say we are not using a DMS and we will enter the information MANUALLY. You will enter whether the customer paid for the vehicle with cash, if the customer obtained a loan you would select financed, or select LEASE DEAL if the vehcle was leased.
Check whether a trade was taken, if the vehicle is rented, and if you are financing the vehicle directly to the customer you would select BUY HERE PAY HERE Then enter the exact sale date, trade in amount if applicable, the sale price and the book value Then you will enter the vehicle information for the vehicle you just sold, enter the VIN the state of issue titels, year make etc. and the odometer reading and title number Then click on the Pend ETR Deal to submit the Electronic Title Registration
Then you will have the opportunity to print all your documents when you click on the eFORMS tab at the top of the page Click on Print Selectted Packs to easily print up all your dealer docs Regardless of the ETR vendor you choose, they will all work very similar to the process I just showed you, you can find a link to the vendors on the Georgia Dealer Forms link and once again here you see the ETR vendors, you WILL need to choose one of these vendors to work with once you have received your dealer license You can also view some ETR training videos on the Georgiadealer website, just clicn on Videos to review.

Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
Automobile Dealer Training Association

Georgia Dealer License Instructor